5 Sports Teams in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to many a fine sports team and consequently, many people who use betting bonus codes. I could probably write a book about all the teams that graced the city with success and spirit, but, lacking the time and resources, I will have to make do with a single post. The Queen City has a team for every major sport in the area, including football, baseball, basketball, and even soccer. Here is a list of five teams the city is famous for. Sadly, I will not be including the Mighty Ducks, as they don’t exist anymore, which is a shame – they do have a fascinating history. 

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals are a football team that is over 50 years old. They compete in the NFL and were founded by Paul Brown, who was also the main coach from 1966 to 1975. The team is now owned by his son, Mike Brown. The Bengals have a logo which is the capital letter B with tiger stripes. They appeared 14 times in the NFL playoffs and won 11 championships. They lost two Super Bowls in 1981 and 1988 to San Francisco 49ers.

Cincinnati Reds

We also have a solid team when it comes to baseball. The Reds have been around since 1881, meaning that they have been active for over 120 years. This allowed for them to be recognized as the first baseball team in history. During this time, they played almost 21,000 matches. The only dark time in their history was the Black Sox Scandal, in which White Sox were accused of losing intentionally against the Reds in the 1919 World Series.

The reason this scandal tarnished their reputation, apart from not playing fairly, was the fact that this was their first World Series title. The other four wins, two of which were achieved by the Big Red Machine in the 70s, went without such scandals. An interesting fact about this venerable team is that they played the first televised baseball match against Brooklyn.

FC Cincinnati

While soccer isn’t the biggest sport in the US, it does have a global audience and therefore deserves some level of recognition. FC Cincinnati is, by far, the youngest team on the least, having been founded in 2018. The team plays in MLS and originally succeeded the lower division team of the same name, founded in 2016. Its biggest rival in the state of Ohio is Columbus Crew and its president is the former executive of the Cincinnati Bengals, Jeff Berding. It is owned by Carl Lindner III and, because of its infancy, we are yet to see some serious accomplishments on the field.

Cincinnati Cyclones

The East Coast Hockey League has a Cincinnati team as well – the Cincinnati Cyclones.

A minor league ice hockey team is affiliated with the Buffalo Sabers and the Rochester Americans. For a team that was created in 1990, it has done well for itself with 2 Kelly Cups, 3 Conference Championships, and 5 Division Championships. They played in the International Hockey League for 9 years but, after returning to the ECHL, they had to take a break between 2004 and 2006. Their current coach is Matt Thomas.

Cincinnati Bearcats

Last, but not least on our list, is the women’s basketball team – the Cincinnati Bearcats. The team represents the University of Cincinnati and has appeared four times in the NCAA Tournament. They have played almost 1.500 games since 2015 and their current coach is Michelle Clark-Heard. The team, belonging to the NCAA, has both the freshmen and the seniors.

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  • There are dozens and dozens of festivals and events happening every year in Cincinnati and the surrounding area, just like there are many offers similar to the betregal bonus code. To give you just a taste of what you can look forward to attending, I have decided to expand the list a bit to include events that are outside the Queen City, but still in Ohio and still worth your time. Here are 7 events you may want to check out.   WEBN Fireworks WEBN is a rock station with several amazing events, including the amazing Rubber Duck Regatta, but I won’t get into that (this time). What the station is famous for, apart from the music and quirky hosts, is the fireworks. The fireworks are usually the finale of the evening, with a bunch of family-friendly activities for the fans of the radio station. Ark Encounter This is one of the events I mentioned that is not in Cincinnati, but it is relatively close. Ark Encounter is a fully built replica of Noah’s Ark, at least according to the dimensions used in the Bible. The location is featured in several local events, including the ChristmasTime at the Ark, running throughout December. Redsfest If you love baseball, then you love baseball. The Redsfest is an off-season event for fans of baseball and the oldest club there is. You can meet the players and coaches, enjoy interactive games for everyone, and marvel at memorabilia you are not likely to find anywhere else. Christmas at EnterTRAINment Junction The EnterTRAINment Junction is almost entirely dedicated to trains. So, if you or your little ones adore trains and love playing with the miniatures, then that’s the place for you. Christmas is one of the holidays where they organize special events and games for children and...
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    The 6 Hidden Gems of the Buckeye State

    While it is relatively easy to list all the things the state of Ohio is famous for, there are a few sites sheltered from the public eye. These hidden gems await travelers that like to hike the paths not walked on by many in order to discover treasures not available to common tourists. I’ve listed a few of them, you’ll have to find the rest on your own. Here are 6 hidden gems for everyone to enjoy in Ohio. Chateau Laroche The Loveland Castle, as it is sometimes called, was modeled by Harry Andrews, a Boy Scout Leader and medieval enthusiast. In other words, despite its appearance, the castle was not made by or for a feudal lord. Sadly, Andrews didn’t get to see the castle before he passed away, as it took several years to complete the construction. True to his wishes, the Boy Scouts guard this place and are dedicated to limiting the pollution as much as possible, so there may be a few requirements you’ll have to meet before taking a step in this building akin to European castles. Hartman Rock Garden Have you ever completed a project that was there simply to pass the time, while you were between jobs? Well, this is how this place came to be. Ben Hartman was unemployed during the Great Depression and needed something to do. Because of this, we can enjoy replicas of the White House, the Independence Hall, and a few other buildings, complete with a moat. The garden is now maintained by the Kohler Foundation. Nomad Ridge The Wilds are home to many locations hidden from the public eye. One of these is the Nomad Ridge, the glampground with private properties that has an amazing view, exotic wildlife, and, most importantly, a sanctuary away from all the...
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    Local Cincinnati Legends

    Say what you will about the Queen City, some of the most famous and sometimes notorious Americans were born and/or raised here. Here are a few people who were the talk of the entire country at one time or another as politicians, show-biz people, heroes, and villains – say hello to the most recognizable Cincinnatians. Dave Parker Dave Parker is the baseball player we know and love, not only for playing in the Major League Baseball, but also two-time batting champion of National League MVP and being in the Reds Hall of Fame. He is a legend among the sports fans in Cincinnati, who loved watching his games and betting, just like they do now online with bonus codes such as 888sport promo code. Jerry Springer While Jerry Springer wasn’t born here, but in London, he had an interesting and somewhat colorful political career. He was even a mayor of the city in the 70s. As a politician, he is a Democrat who tried running for Congress but failed. However, most of the people know him for his reality talk-show – the Jerry Springer Show, where he had controversial guests and situations. Steven Spielberg You know him as the filmmaker associated with ET, Animaniacs, Catch Me if You Can, Ready Player One, and countless other projects, a significant portion of which won awards too many to count. He is one of the people we have to thank for the so-called modern Hollywood era and he co-founded Dreamworks Studios. He shaped my childhood and I hope yours too. William Howard Taft Both the 27th president of the United States and his wife were born here. Taft was also the 10th chief justice, Yale heavy-weight wrestler, and Republican, and was the first former president who swore in two other presidents. He succeeded...
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    Natural Wonders of Ohio State

    We can’t take all the credit for how awesome Ohio is. After all, there are plenty of natural wonders that the locals and the visitors enjoy. Here are some of them you might want to take a look at if the opportunity presents itself. Ohio Caverns The largest cave system in Ohio features the Crystal King. No, this is not an epic fantasy villain, but one of the biggest and perfectly formed stalactites in the world. The Caverns were discovered in 1897 by accident after a resident named Abraham William Reams discovered a sinkhole near his property that kept growing. A farmhand, Robert Noffsinger, started digging there at his employer’s behest and discovered the network of tunnels. Brandywine Falls Brandywine Creek drops into an astounding waterfall called Brandywine Falls. The waterfall is huge, but that is not the most impressive thing about the location. The rock formation tells the story of millions of years of natural history through different types of soil. You can access it by a hiking trail or by a parking lot, though the latter takes away some of the wonder. Oak Openings There are several places in the world where the ecosystem seems closed to outsiders and features several plant and animal species that can be very rarely found anywhere else. Oak Openings is one such place. The Metropark is located in Swanton, near Toledo. Old Man’s Cave I’m not into larping, but this seems like a good location for it. Hikers from around the world yearn for walking along the paths that lead to Old Man’s Cave in Logan (not that Logan). Though the trail is just a mile long, it takes about an hour to complete. Lake Erie Bluffs As this beachfront is underdeveloped, it is home to some rare plant and animal species....
  • There are many reasons people overlook Cincinnati. But no one, and I do mean no one, can deny that the nightlife here is better than in most cities in the US. In fact, we’ve been named the second-best city in terms of what there is to do around here by the Apartment Blog. Of course, there are always people who prefer sitting at home and using their all British casino bonus code instead of going out and having fun, but even if you’re one of those, you might want to consider our suggestions and get out of your comfort zone for once. So, without further ado, here we go: The Rundown We have over 150 bars, 16 different breweries, 78 clubs, and several live entertainment businesses. The nightclubs are hot, with cocktails so creative you should probably not order them after you’ve had a few (it becomes hard to follow the ingredients), and the breweries have their own tours and serve some of the best beer America ever produced. There are many places that offer vintage video games. I want to take a minute to talk about it for a second because I used to love playing these. There is a bar called 16-Bit Bar + Arcade. If you like olden games, you should consider checking it out. The games are free as long as you buy drinks and you can play games on systems like Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. With that geeky thing out of the way, let’s examine a few cool places you can visit. Fair warning, this list is subjective. Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar Some of our neighbors have definitely rubbed off on us, so here we are. At the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar, you can experience the real taste of the famous Kentucky bourbon in one...
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    The History of the Queen City

    Cincinnati has a rich and powerful history. So, what turned it from an awkwardly named Losantiville to a fine city with theme parks, festivals, monuments, halls, and other treasures? I am very glad you asked. I would like to introduce you to some highlights of Cincinnati’s history. The Beginnings So, the city was originally not one, not two, but three separate settlements. Losantiville was the central settlement, with the other two being Columbia and North Bend. These three settlements came to be in 1788. Just a year later, a fort was built as protection for the settlements. Fort Washington, as you can already guess, was named after the first president of the United States, George Washington. The Governor of Northwest Territory, Arthur St. Claire, renamed the place Cincinnati, after a Roman dictator who was originally a farmer and came back to it voluntarily after there was no more need for him to be in power. The Rapid Growth Cincinnati was one of the fastest-developing communities in the 19th century. In 1811, steamboats became quite popular, which allowed the city to connect with others, like St Luis, Missouri, and New Orleans. The city was struggling between the 1810s and 1830s to find enough workers. You may know that there were cities in the US that loved using work ads like “Help Wanted: The Irish Need Not Apply”. Luckily, this was not the case with Cincinnati, where a huge wave of the Irish and the Germans brought not only the workforce but a few special cultural traits concerning food and drinks. The testament to how well the people coordinated in the city over the century is the fact that Cincinnati made it out of the Great Depression much better than most cities in the US. In fact, while the others were trying...
  • The Battle of Ohio is sometimes used to describe the everlasting rivalry between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns. Both teams play in the North Division of the AFC and play against each other twice a year and you could bet on maxbonusbet.com that it it is always exciting. How did the Battle of Ohio come to be?  History Interestingly enough, both clubs share a prominent figure in their creation – Paul Brown. He was the head coach and namesake of the Browns ever since their inception in 1946. Under his leadership, the Browns quickly climbed up from a simple membership in the All-America Football Conference and wreaked havoc in the NFL, winning three titles. After he was fired by Art Modell, the team’s owner in 1963, he said: I’m going to make my own team. And so he did. The Bengals played their first AFL season in 1968. After the AFL and the NFL merged, the two teams were pitted against each other. Both of them had something to prove. Stats The two teams met up a total of 91 times at the time of writing, fueled by the animosity between their respective owners, which is unsurprising, given their history. The largest victory achieved by the Browns was in 1987 when they didn’t let the Bengals score a single point. The final score was 34 – 0. However, the Bengals had their chance to reciprocate relatively recently and their biggest win was 37 – 3 in 2015. While both matches have the same number of points, the Browns managed to strike their opponents a few times before going down. Regarding the wins, it is very difficult to objectively say which team is better. Both teams have a personal record winning streak of 7 victories, though the Browns won...
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    Cincinnati Foods You Must Try

    As you know, the Queen of the West has something for everyone’s pallet, but we do have a few local specialties that you simply must try the next time you come and visit. If you are unable to come here for whatever reason, I highly recommend looking up recipes online by the Cincinnatians. You won’t be disappointed. Chili You knew I was going to put it on this list, I knew I was going to put it on this list – so why fight it: Cincinnati chili is one of the best things your mouth will ever experience, provided you are into spicy food and a little bit flexible as to what makes a chili. Our chili is a spicy meat sauce that we supposedly got from the Mediterranean or the Balkans (I keep forgetting which). You mix ground beef, stock, tomato sauce, chili powder, and a few other spices and you end up with a side that would please the gods. Traditionally, we either put it on spaghetti with some other sides or on corndogs. Goetta It is amazing how many delicacies were made as a way to fight poverty and meat shortage. Imagine frying some mush and you’ll get some idea about the look and the consistency. Basically, Goetta is made from pork sausage combined with oats and then fried. You have to be a bit curious to try it and, I admit, it is a bit of an acquired taste. That being said, it is very easy to get hooked on the stuff, especially if it played a huge part in your childhood. Gyros Despite what you might expect, it’s pronounced something like yeeroh. Roasted pork, beef, or lamb is placed on some pita bread with tzatziki sauce, which basically, is yogurt/sour cream and cucumber. Most commonly,...
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    Best Athletes from Ohio

    Some enjoy Ladbrokes free bet offers, some the breweries and local delicacies, while others revel in the culture of Ohio. The Buckeye State has produced many a fine athlete and overachiever that became a force to be reckoned with in their selected sports discipline. I’ve come up with a few names of the people you may not know are from around these parts. Enjoy.  Jack Nicklaus Jack Nicklaus is one of the biggest names in golf. He won four US Open titles, three British ones, five PGAs, and 6 Masters. The Golden Bear is, arguably, the best golfer there is and ever will be. Have you heard of Tiger Woods? Well, Nicklaus has three more championships in a 25-year span. Shirley Fry This one is for tennis lovers. Shirley Fry is a very old Hall-of-Famer and is, at the time of writing, the longest surviving Female Grand Slams Singles champion. She was truly a star of the 40s and the 50s. One could argue that she paved the way and/or set the standard for some of the tennis stars, like Martina Navratilova and the Williams sisters. LeBron James Not only was LeBron born in Ohio, but he also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers during two different time periods of his career. He brought home several medals from international competitions, including the Olympics. He made have made a few dubious decisions off the court, but on it, he is no joke. Russell Wilson While Wilson moved out and grew up in Virginia, he was born in Ohio. What I truly love about the quarterback is that he is often credited with bringing the Seattle Seahawks to victory in Super Bowl XLVIII. Simone Biles The four-time Olympic medalist is best-known for being the first African American to win the world all-around gymnastics...
  • It is very easy to get lost with popular tourist spots, the craft beer, and a microcosm of events that you miss out on a few hidden gems and fun facts. Full disclosure – this piece was written mainly for myself so that I don’t forget a few quirks of this city. Here are five things you probably don’t know about Cincinnati. The Haunted Hall Music Hall is, reportedly, haunted. Several fans and curious individuals have reported some level of paranormal activities, while others claim to have seen ghosts of previous performers. Of course, there are those that don’t believe the stories of ghosts at all, including Marie Gallagher, who worked at Music Hall for over two decades. It is very likely that the stories of hauntings were fueled by the fact that the Hall was built atop a pauper’s cemetery. Music Hall and its hauntings were the subjects of two TV shows: Ghost Hunters and Most Terrifying Places in America. Name The original name of the settlement was Losantiville. The city was named by John Filson in 1788, who combined several languages to come up with a name that, basically, means something like the city opposite the mouth of the (Licking) River. Two years later, the name was changed by the governor of the Northwest Territory, Arthur St. Clair to Cincinnati, after the society of the Cincinnati. The origin of this name can be traced to Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a farmer turned Roman Consul and emergency war leader, only to give up the power and turn back to farming after the danger passed. Saying ‘Please’ It may be weird and I am also guilty of this, but in Cincinnati, if we don’t hear what you said, we don’t say: ‘Beg your pardon?’ ‘Pardon me’ or even ‘Excuse me?’ For...